Sobrevivo Film Poster

From Berlin to Venice, we are keeping our fingers crossed for more acceptances.  The more donation we receive, the more festivals we will be able to enter.  Please consider contributing to the cause HERE.  Thank you in advance for your generous support.

Sobrevivo chronicles the struggles of a woman in a post-apocalyptic world in which she must overcome her fears in order to survive. Initially “holed up” in an abandoned prop house with her boyfriend Conrad, April is surrounded by items that used to be relevant to her previous life, but now serve as a museum of her past.  When their safe-haven is compromised, the two must flee and search for a new place to call “home.”  The world that April had since become comfortable with is once again broken and she must start anew.

After nearly losing her fight for survival, April is saved and taken in by a trio of strangers whose intentions are questionable.  While the world outside of her new home is perilous, she begins to recognize that the dangers existing inside may prove to be deadlier and even more sinister.